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What People Are Saying

  • I hope to see this band go amazing places far more amazing than even they could've ever imagined to go. Sold out tours, fans all over the world and much more. They deserve it for all the work and trust in the Lord they've put into this.
    Fan Interview
  • I first heard this band at a youth retreat and every service I sat up at the front so I could connect with the band, and when I did, they encouraged me to change things about me. They shared personal stories that really helped me to be more vulnerable with my youth group.
    Fan Interview
  • This band is important to me because I lost my way to God and they helped me find my way back.
    Fan Interview
  • “We have had Illumination Project in multiple times and would have them every week if possible. Their unique way of connecting to students and energizing the room is unparalleled. Their spirit and sensitivity to who we are is encouraging. If you can, have them lead!”
    Brian Kohout
    Student Life Director at NRCA, Raleigh NC